Saturday, January 16, 2010

House Fire...

It has been really cold around here and that means people are building fires in fireplaces and using space heaters more. That also means the number of house fire around here skyrockets. Usually this time of year has meant grass fires since it doesn't rain a lot during the winter, however, we've had enough to keep the grass fires down, now it's just bitterly cold. Over the past week, I've been to at least three fires. Most have them have been small, or the fire department got there quick enough to keep it from getting big. This fire, however, got out big quick. It started in a fireplace chimney and got into the house. By the time I got there the family had gotten out, but their animals had not. I saw some flames around the back of the house and decided to try to make some shots of firefighters putting them out, when I got to the back I saw a fireman coming out with a dog in his arms, I shot the photo wide to show the smoke coming out of the house. I hung around for a little while longer. The second photo was kind of humorous. The crew inside the house kept trying to put out the flames outside the windows, while being directed from a crew outside. They would keep missing a little left or a little right, finally the firefighter sticks the hose out the window and sprayed it completely. After he finally got it he let out this huge victory yell. After that, I knew I had the shots I needed. And, by the way, the dogs were all removed safely.

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