Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crosstown Soccer...

Tuesday was the crosstown soccer games between Abilene High and Cooper. The game has lost a little bot of the luster since they are no longer in the same Classifications, but the rivalry is still alive. The girls game was first, and it was pretty unexciting, the game ended with a scoreless tie. That's when it got good. To break the tie there was a shootout, normally it's five shooters. This time, however, it was tied 3-3 after five shooter so they went to trading shots one each to break the tie. Cooper won it with a goal on the seventh shooter. The was good because this celebration shot was about all I got. For the boys' game I had to make something in the first half since I had another assignment that was starting at 8pm and since the girls game went long I barely had enough time to shoot the whole first half. I also had to get something that would tell the story both ways since I wasn't going to be able to stay until the end. Normally I'll make sure I get one generic shot with players from both teams as a means of covering myself. The top shot was taken about 28 minutes in from a corner kick. Now, my job is to be neutral in my opinions of who wins or loses, however, my job is also to shoot photos that tell a story. So, I'm not going to say I was disappointed in the outcome of the game.

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