Friday, January 22, 2010

Workin out

I shot this for a story we were doing on how full the local gyms are after the new year. Since it seems nearly everyone has a New Year's resolution to lose weight, it seems like gym's business spikes every January between all the people deciding that Jan. 1 is all of the sudden the day they are going to lose weight. Asa well as the people (like me) who like to take a few extra helpings of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner as well as working the leftovers and holiday candy, they may gain a few extra pounds. So I guess joining a gym is the way to go to work off the pounds. So, the place I went is owned by one of the local hospitals and they like to have releases for any identifiable non-employees that I get in the shot. So, I try to just work around the hassle and shot some photos of the bodypump class. I made a few ok shot when they were lifting the weight bars over their heads, but then they started just lifting the weights over their heads, I was able to frame up the instructor along with getting a few others in the photo to show how packed the class was. I stuck around for another 15 minutes shooting some of the other exercises but nothing worked out as well as this one.

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