Tuesday, June 8, 2010

6 Games, 3 Days It's the Baseball Playoffs...

The week after hell week is when the baseball/softball playoffs kick into full gear. This year was no different. In fact it was a lot busier than normal. With baseball in the third round and softball in the fourth, our teams are normally pared down. This year was a little different. Normally we have about 4-6 teams still alive. This year the number was 15! Day one was Thursday, it started with a regional semifinal softball game in Trent, Albany played Forsan. I got a nice shot of a girl leaping to catch a fly ball which would have been fine just the way it was, add in a guy behind the fence ducking out of the way, and well it just makes it a little funny. After that it was back to Abilene and Jim Ned playing Holliday in a one-game playoff, the team that knocked them out the year before. That was by far the best game of the weekend. Jim Ned won in a close won and made for a nice jube shot after Jim Ned's pitcher struck out the final batter.
On Friday, it was the "easy" day, only one game, Cooper vs. Canyon in Lubbock. This game was a lot closer than I thought it would be. Cooper lost but kept it pretty close most of the game. Near the end of the game, I made my favorite shot of the weekend after the second baseman and shortstop got tangled up and the ball dropped right in the frame. Saturday, was long, and hotter than hell! Cooper got beat down pretty bad and there wasn't a whole lot worth showing off. The next game was on the other side of the campus of Lubbock Christian University. Stamford was playing Clarendon. It was supposed to be a pretty good game Stamford had lost the first game 1-0. I hadn't planned on staying both games even if they won the first one. But the game was so good, it was close for a while until Stamford blew up in the sixth inning and didn't look back. So I figured I'd send some pictures then go est dinner and come back to see how things were going. When I got back it was close and Stamford was up. I shot a few frames but was pretty much just killing time to get a celebration/dejection shot. Stamford ended up winning the game pretty close, which made some nice jube shots. A nice 10 hour, three game day in the books, and I still had to drive home.







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