Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gone Fishin...

Here's some pix from a local fishing tournament for kids. I use the term tournament loosely, since there were prizes but it was mostly just to get kids to learn about and get into fishing. I walked around for a few minutes just checking things outs. As I was walking toward the west end of the lake (it was a really small lake) one of the judges told me "you really should watch that kid, he's like the fish whisperer, he's got one on his line every time I look over there." So I figured I'd keep an eye on him, the next thing I know he's got something on his line and is holding on for dear life! Then his mom starts laughing and he's pulling in his empty line. It turns out he's snagged his second turtle of the day. And like the first one, it got away too. But it did make for a nice shot and the only photo I got of anyone with anything on the line in the hour I was there. So, I stuck around for a little while longer getting a few other shot and left with only a fish story to tell.

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