Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Route 77...

Thursday was game #2 of the year on ESPN for Abilene High. This time instead of it being a home game the Eagles were going on the road to Midland to play Midland Lee. AHS and Lee are the last two Little Southwest Conference teams to win state championships, so I'm guessing that why ESPN want to put them on. Well, unlike the Eagles game against Plant last month, this game wasn't and never was close. Abilene High took the opening kickoff and march down the field for a touchdown and never looked back. And while I expected Abilene High to win the game I never expected the final score to be 77-21!
This Midland Lee team had just put up 50+ on Cooper, a team that everyone was expecting to be almost even with Abilene High. So, when the halftime score was 49-7, a lot of folks that thought Abilene High wasn't the same team as it was last year despite it having a lot of the same players, were starting to think that a team that's been hit with injuries the first five games of the year is starting to get healthy and get their swagger back. This was one of those game that can give a down team a big shot of confidence back. Hopefully the rest of the season can start to follow suit.







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