Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Interstate Showdown... It's Still Only a Game

ESPNU's game of the week last week was Abilene High playing Plant High School from Tampa, Florida. Not only was it getting national attention just from the TV network, but from every other major high school web site across the country. We were making it a big deal and both the Tampa Bay newspapers, the St. Petersburg Times and Tampa Tribune were writing all about how big it was to play in Texas. My feeling like it is for every other game is it's just a football game. Hell, this game didn't even count, it wasn't a playoff game, wasn't a district game, just a game, the only thing it added to the the win/loss column.
The game turned out to be a really great game. Plant looked like they would dominate, and their running back/defensive end James Wilder, a Florida State commit, was a beast! Abilene High, however, countered with quarterback Ronnell Sims, who basically carried the offense on his back making three spectacular runs along with a TD pass to Jeret Smith (above photo), who ended up making ESPN's top 10 that night for a great reception then breaking 4 or 5 tackles to score.
But the best part of the night was was the shot I got of Sims' first 42-yard touchdown run. He ended the play by leaping into the end zone (top photo), which only makes a good photo if he's turned in the right direction. And, he was, but the best part was I ended up getting one of my co-workers in the shot... and he ended up taking the front page photo at the same time of the Abilene High student section going wild about the touchdown. It turned out really cool and made for a great story too.







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