Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In His Little Red Wagon...

Normally when congressmen and senators come in for public appearances it's usually quick and just to pander for votes, or money for fund-raisers. This time the local congressman was in town during the congressional recess and was holding a town hall meeting to discuss congressional issues. Normally these meetings are pretty cut and dry, he stands up in front of people, says his thing, takes a few questions and it's done. I made a few photos and was thinking about leaving after about 15 minutes, but figured I'd stick around since I didn't have a whole lot else going on, plus he was going to take questions from the audience. I'm glad I stuck around because then he started talking about the economy and pulled out a little red wagon and then sat in it, saying "Americans need to quit riding in the wagon and start pulling the wagon again." It was pretty out of character since most of these are stuffy meetings. I knew I had my shot, however, I did stick around for the questions, so I'd have some extra stuff if needed.

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