Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wrapping up at the Fair...

The week of the fair was an incredibly busy week, not only was the fair going on but there were football games on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. That gave me two days, Wednesday and Thursday to shoot a photo column. Luckily with the fair going on I could buy some time by shooting a photo page. The problem was Tuesday I had four assignments, two, however, were at the fair. One was a feature story on the llamas part of the stock show. The other was the bubble gum contest. Luckily the Kids fun show followed the bubble gum contest, which I was able to stick around for a little bit before leaving for the next assignment. As I was leaving I was feeling pretty good about what I had, but knew I still needed more.
On Wednesday, there was nothing going on in the evening, so I was able to just go out and walk the midway aimlessly looking for whatever I thought would make a good image. As I was walking to the kids petting zoo I saw the girl (below) staring at goats, I figured this would be my main photo, her eyes nearly popping out of her head nearly made me laugh out loud just shooting it. But, I still needed more photos to fill the page. As the sun started going down I made my way to the carnival rides, the neon lights always look better at night. I saw some people riding the chair swings and figured I'd make a shot of it with the Ferris wheel in the background, when I saw the little girl waving to her mom every time she went by, I knew that was my shot. I did keep walking around making sure I didn't miss anything.




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