Monday, September 20, 2010

The Swenson House...

One of the things I love about my job is how no two days are exactly alike and the variety of the assignments I often shoot. It's also one of the things I hate about it! On Saturday I had to shoot a football game and the 100th anniversary part of the Swenson House, a historical home here in Abilene. The problem is the Swenson House event was a formal event, and at the football game I'm running around up and down the field. It didn't help that it was hotter than hell and humid. So, after I left the game I figured I'd at least throw on a decent collared shirt so I could look semi-presentable at least. So, when I did show up there were plenty of people dressed up, as well as quite a few folks wearing period outfits. It kind of looked like a scene out of the Great Gatsby. I decided that the best photos were going to be of those who were dressed up. Many of the party goers were touring the house, so I decided to keep an eye on the staircase and after staking it out for a while I got the shot I was waiting on of some of the people who were dressed up walking down the stairs in the house. And, the good thing is there were quite a few people I knew from and after sharing the score of the game I was at was feeling a little better about my clothing choice, plus, I tend to hide out of sight while shooting anyway.

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