Sunday, September 5, 2010

Zero Week, Game 2

So, after a night of shooting Abilene High in the football classic, and a nightmare night of transmitting pix back, the reporter and I piled into my car and headed 2.5 hours up the road to Belton, the team AHS had beaten the night before. Wylie was playing La Vernia. Not a bad drive and a 6pm start allowed up to sleep in, get lunch and get to the stadium with plenty of time. The only problem was me forgetting to bring a wireless card for my computer. Thank God it was a 6pm start. I was able to quickly find a McDonalds to transmit from.
The game wasn't great plays were pretty bland and a few turnovers, and with it still being the first week of the season my timing was off and I was out of place on a few plays I'd normally recognize later in the season. There was some nice light late in the first half and the start of the second half.




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