Monday, September 6, 2010

Dove Season... Again

I often don't give my lovely wife enough credit for all she does for me, especially outside the friendly confines of our four walls. But, if it wasn't for her this photo wouldn't have happened... as well as all the other ideas for photos, photo columns, stories etc. she has supplied me with. For the third year in a row we were doing a story about the opening of dove season, so as usual the plan was to have a portrait of a hunter to go on the front page of the Sunday newspaper. This year there was a catch... someone mentioned the last two time we had featured a young guy the first year, and an older guy the next year, so we should have a female hunter this year. Well, in thoery that's a great idea but... I don't hunt, and don't know any hunters. So, just finding a hunter was going to be hard enough, not to mention a female hunter.

So, while I was having lunch with my wife the Monday before this was supposed to run, I asked her if she knew any hunters (it was sort of tongue in cheek, thinking I already knew the answer). And she says yes, then I ask if his wife hunts. She tells me no, but I think his girls do (SCORE!!). So, with her help I got it all set up. Then called my boss to clear my schedule to shoot it, and told him I got two high school girls who dove hunt for the photo. Well, lets just say, my wife made me look really good on this one, and I was quick to point out to him my wife found them for me. After that it was just a matter of shooting the photo... that has become the easy part, I try to keep it the same relative style, it's worked out well so far. I probably should have asked for my boss to pay for lunch that day.

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Anonymous said...

Look out guys these girls know how to use those shotguns!
If they dont get you the dog will!
Good job Tommy what a cool photo!
Doc and the girls