Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Day of Hell Week...

I've always looked forward to this week every year, it s great opportunity to make great images, it's also a really long taxing week. And by the end of the week, I'm always looking forward to it being over and getting home to relax and see my wife and dogs. And one of those reasons is the last day of track. Usually by then I'm pretty sunburned and the last day I spend pretty much the whole time out in the sun. However, again, it's a great time to make some really nice photos as well. And we usually have a lot of kids participating, as well as winning.
This year was a little different in that we still had a lot of medalists, but not as many winners. Luckily though there were still some winners and some really great moments, as usual. And a few of those nice moments, I even got lucky enough to capture. The best race was one of the last ones. Munday, on of our area schools was tied with Collinsville going into the final race of the day, the winner would win the team title as well. Collinsville had a pretty big lead going to the final hand off when the anchor leg dropped the batron and slipped on the track! I was actually right on the hand off since I was waiting to shoot Munday's handoff, when I saw the two guys start to get tangled I just held the shutter down (top photo). By the time the Collinsville guy got the baton back and was running Munday had a lead and ended up winning the race. It was really a crazy ending and made for some nice celebrations at the end, not to mention the devastation of the other team.












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