Friday, June 3, 2011

The Full Swing of Baseball Season...

So, now that golf tennis and track are done, the only sports left for the season are baseball and softball. Luckily for us we are blessed with some really good area schools playing baseball the last few years. This year is no different. On this night I had to cover Hamlin playing Seymour in a one-game series. One thing I have found is that in one-gamers the best team doesn't always win, especially when it's two teams playing from the same district. But, that's what they were playing.
I had gotten there a little late since I had to shoot another assignment a little earlier. When I got there, I noticed a huge crowd. Hamlin has its whole town supporting them and this night was no different. It was a great crowd. I always enjoy games like this, the electricity in the air makes it more fun to cover and the crowd gives it that big game atmosphere. Plus these two teams came from the same district so there was already a little rivalry there anyway.
The game itself was pretty close which is best for making photos. Close game usually get players playing harder trying to make big plays and trying not to allow them. Not to mention a lot of emotions flowing from both the fans and players. Put all that together and add in a really dusty field from no rain in forever, and you have the makings of some really nice photos.


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