Monday, June 6, 2011

A Whole Lotta Pomp and Circumstance...

Shooting Wylie's graduation has become a yearly ritual for me. I'm not sure how many consecutive years I've shot it, but it's got to be at least five. So, my challenge every year is to try to find something a little different than what I've shot in the past. This year I was running a little late, because of an earlier assignment. So, getting a lot of pre-ceremony photos didn't happen. So, my shot had to be from the commencement itself. I got a couple of decent shots, but figured I'd stick around for the end. Wylie is one of the few schools I've seen that still throw their caps into the air at the end of graduation. I actually shot that photo last year, but wasn't thrilled with it. I shot it up close with a wide angle lens and didn't like the look. So, this year I decided to get high and shoot with a longer lens hoping the compressed look would look better. I was a lot happier with this year's photo then last. My only complaint about it, is the graduates aren't real coordinated in throwing the caps into the air. Hopefully they'll do better next year.


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