Saturday, June 18, 2011

Getting Down With the Garage Bands...

This was one of those assignments I was just hoping to get lucky with a decent shot quick. I had to shoot the second annual Garage Band Woodstock. My plan was to (hopefully) get two quick shots before heading across the street to shoot my next assignment. I knew one shot would be east enough, getting something of the bands. The other one I had in mind was people dancing. When I got there things had just started, and there weren't many folks on the dance floor, so I made sure to get my band shots out of the way. After that I just walked around observing the crowd, looking for something else. I wasn't seeing a whole lot from the crowd, then I checked back on the dance floor and saw the little kid getting down. Perfect. I kind of sat back shooting from afar not wanting to him to see me and possibly clam up. Then again, as much as he was into his dancing I don't think he would've noticed anything. I got my shots, got names and was out in time to get to my next assignment in time.

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