Sunday, June 5, 2011

Singin the Blues From His Head to His Shoes...

The other day I got assigned to shoot something called Mr. Blue Shoes, who was playing for elementary school kids. I had no idea what it really was. It sounds kinda like a Barney the Dinosaur show. But what it really was, was blues musician Michael Dyson playing for kids and teaching them about the blues and the history of the music genre. It turns out to be a really cool show and Dyson was really good. He ended up playing a lot of the oldies and telling the stories about the origins of blues and where it came from. I really wish they had more of this in the schools rather than just kids reading textbooks and memorizing facts to take tests. I know when I was a kid stuff like this is what got me interested in learning a lot more than a teacher at a blackboard.


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