Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Opening Weekend Day 2...

Abilene High's season opener against El Paso Hanks on Friday was one of those games I'm not sure many people knew what to expect. Last season coming off a state championship and with so many returning starters and great players coming back there were super high expectations. This year, it started without a whole lot of hype. So, when the game started and the AHS defense shut down the opposing team's offense it was starting to look like old times. Then, after they blocked a punt and returned it for a touchdown it was looking like the team hadn't missed a beat from the past couple years.
Now the team they were playing, El Paso Hanks was not really a good team. But, when you rush for over 400 yards, score on every possession and don't turn the ball over during the game, it doesn't matter who you're playing, it was a good game. They won the game 77-13 with scoring the last couple touchdowns on really basic plays. Next week, though, they'll face a much tougher test so the season should be interesting, but it is always more fun to cover a winner than a loser.




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