Monday, August 29, 2011

Season Opener...

After a month of shooting football practice, mug shots, portraits and scrimmages it was finally time for a real game. Thursday was the first day in Texas that football teams are allowed to play a game. I think last year was the first time I didn't have a Thursday night game to shoot, so it was nice to get a game to start out the weekend. And even better, it was in town.
Something else also happened that hasn't much lately. It rain, not very much, but it still rained. As little precipitation that fell wouldn't have even been a problem normally, however, the lightning in the area that caused a 30 minute delay was. Thursday games are kind of tight for deadlines, so have a 30 minute wait during the game wasn't helping any.
The wasn't all that fantastic, it was two area teams, Munday and Stamford. On paper it looked to be pretty good and from the start it looked like it was going to be pretty high scoring. Which always helps when your shooting on a tight deadline. Well, Munday's quarterback got hurt on the last play before the lightning delay and when the game resumed it became real one-sided real quick. Stamford couldn't be stopped and Munday just couldn't answer. The game ended with Stamford winning 47-21. There was no shortage of big plays, which I missed a plenty of shots, luckily it was only the first game of the year, and there's going to be plenty more.





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