Monday, October 24, 2011

Hatin on Homecoming Halftime Shows...

Homecoming football games are never fun to shoot. Here's the problem... Most of the time the opponent is not very good because teams schedule teams that they can beat. So, not only am I going to the stadium knowing the game won't be great, but then I have to deal with nearly an hour-long halftime! One of the few good things about it is the halftime, however. There's usually a nice reaction shot from the homecoming queen.
Due to scheduling Abilene High was at least playing a district game for their homecoming against Midland Lee. After watching Lee get blown out the week before by Cooper I wasn't figuring this would be much of a game. But, Lee came ready to play and adding in two onside kicks they kept the game close. The game never really felt like there would be an upset but Lee stayed pesky pretty much the whole game. This just pushed things later and later and made me start to get a little nervous about missing deadline. Luckily Abilene High started to put things away toward the end and I could rush up and get some pictures sent quick.





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