Thursday, October 13, 2011

Volleyball Doubleheader...

It's no secret my dislike for volleyball. It has nothing to do with the sport or that is a girls sport. In fact there are a lot of thing I like more about women's sports than the men's. Like emotions, the girls tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves more often, win or lose. But volleyball, I think the best answer is, I just suck at it. And, everything I seem to shoot tends to look the same.
Anyway, I had to shoot both Wylie and Cooper playing at the same time. Well, Cooper ended up starting a little later because their JV took forever. Unfortunately, I went to Cooper first. Luckily I work with some really good reporters who are willing to help me out and keep me informed of what going on at the games. This helped out a lot. I had the reporter working the Cooper game text me when the game started and the end of the first game. The plan was to miss the first game at Cooper while I went to shoot at Wylie.
Normally I try not to shoot two games playing at the same time. However, both of these games were being played for the lead in district. For Wylie this was expected. For Cooper, well not so much. By the time I got to the Wylie game they had easily won their first game and were looking like they'd take the match pretty easily... which they did.
The good part about that was since the Cooper game started so late I was able to make it to Cooper at the end of the second game, and the teams split the first two, so there was going to be at least two more games. Just what I needed to work out. This gave me time to make a few shots from the floor as well as being able to go up high in the stands and shoot from there too. It's not often I look at my volleyball photos and am happy with them, I guess this time the stars aligned for a few decent shots.





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