Friday, December 9, 2011

Blame it on the Rain...

Like I said in my last post, it only rains about once every forever around here. So when it said there was a 90% chance of rain for Abilene High's game against Mansfield Timberview I didn't think I'd get as lucky as I did the night before and just have a little drizzle going on. The weather for the game was really awful, it was pretty much a damn monsoon rolling through for three hours.
For the first quarter I shot from the mezzanine which had a nice overhang and I was able to stay dry. I had planned on shooting from up there anyway at some point, but figured I'd start out up there and hopefully the storm would pass. By the second quarter the rain had let up and I went down to the field. Well, that lasted about 15 minutes and then the sky just opened up and it poured. Needless to say it was totally miserable. By the end of the half despite wearing a raincoat I was pretty much soaked from head to toe.
From watching the game it felt like I wasn't the only one effected by the weather. It looked like Abilene High didn't know how to play football in the rain. The Eagles were pretty much getting dominated all day both on offense and defense. The Eagles were having trouble containing Timberview's option attack and both the quarterback and running back were having their way running the ball. And Abilene High's balanced offense which had been so potent all season was having trouble getting anything done. Passes were flying long and the offensive line couldn't contain the pass rush and were having a really hard time making holes to run through.
By the second half, both the game and the weather had both gotten out of hand. It's been about five or six years since I've seen an Abilene High team get dominated this bad. That coupled with the nasty weather it just made it an overall miserable day to shoot. About the only good thing was how quickly the game went by. With all the running in the second half it got the game over in just under three hours. About the only nice thing was as hard as the rain was coming down it did make for some nice photos and the pouring rain showed up really well in the photos.








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