Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On a Foggy, Rainy Night...

If you live in Texas you can probably skip this paragraph... Rain is rare here, and on football weekends I sometimes wonder if Texans and God have a deal that in return for this awful drought, the few time it will actually rain will not be on Friday nights. It's been at least four years since I've shot Friday night football in the rain (there was one game two years ago that go cancelled because of lightning, but I never actually got rained on.
So, when I saw the forecast of 80% chance of rain on Friday night, I was hoping for the 20% to happen at least for a couple hours until the game ended, after that... by all means, please, rain cats and dogs! I didn't get my wish, but at least it didn't rain that hard during the game. I was shooting Cisco playing Holliday in Springtown. On paper, this game was going to be as tough as last week when Cisco upset the defending state champs from Idalou. Obviously, last week, paper was wrong. This week though, it was spot on.
Holliday came out pretty aggressive trying to set the tone of the game. Going for it on fourth down and failing on their first drive. Then Cisco took over and pounded the ball down their throat and a long touchdown run for the first touchdown. That was as close as things got the whole game. Cisco owned this game and showed no signs of a hangover from their big win the week before. Holliday was clearly overmatched and Cisco played the game strictly business. And the rain, luckily, never came down really hard, just kind of drizzling the whole game, plus it was really foggy, which actually worked things out really well, giving me this surreal looking light, coupled with really good stadium lights, that made for a few decent photos, plus the long runs made it easier to read Cisco's option attack that I had so many problems with the week before.









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