Monday, December 5, 2011

Tis The Season...

Basketball season actually started a couple of weeks ago, but really to me, I just can't accept basketball season starting until after football is over. This is probably my third time shooting basketball for the year, and honestly I'm just not in "basketball shape" yet with my photos. But, last Thursday I got thrown right into the first shooting three games of the Polk-Key City girls basketball tournament in one night.
Here is the thing about the local basketball, the smaller schools are the better programs. The two big Abilene schools are and always have been just atrocious, to the point of it just being rather painful to watch. The smaller schools are a lot more fun to watch and put out much better players. The one exception to the local rule is Wylie, who are the defending state champs in Class 3A, and have a very good chance to make another run for Austin.
So, when I got my assignment and saw who I was shooting, I was 2/3 happy. Both Wylie and Jim Ned have really good programs. Cooper, however, won one game last year. And while they had a three game winning streak, they are still just not fun to watch. So, on this night, I got one good game in Wylie vs. Killeen Ellison, one huge blowout in Class 2A Jim Ned beating the crap out of a really bad 5A team, and Cooper losing a close and almost entertaining game.


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