Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Busy Day Evening Edition...

So, after finishing up at volleyball I needed to hop in my car and quickly make the 90 mile trip back to Abilene to shoot Wylie's final regular season football game of the season. They were playing Sweetwater in a game that probably wasn't going to be close so showing up last wasn't going to work. I ended up getting to the game about 15 minutes before kickoff which gave me just enough time to fight through the traffic and drop my computer off in the press box and be on the field for kickoff.
The game wasn't that bad, but it was obvious early on that Sweetwater was over matched. Wylie is just damn good this year. In the first half though Sweetwater had a good game plan and was keeping things from getting totally out of hand. But, in the second half the Bulldogs blew things wide open and left no doubt who was the district champions.





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