Thursday, November 29, 2012

Honoring Those Who Serve...

While I never served in the military I have a great respect for those who have. I guess having so many members of my family who currently or have served makes me realize how important members of the military are and how much they are appreciated for all they and all veterans have done for this country. So, despite my often complaining and cynicism as well as my hatred of shooting parades. I'm not going to complain about having to cover the annual Veteran's Day parade.
This year, shooting the Veteran's Day parade was especially humbling. while trying to get some shot of the Dyess airmen marching by while framing them around people waving flags and cheering as they marched by I got a nice shot of a lady and her family waving flags. After checking the LCD screen on the back of my camera I liked the photo and went to get names for my caption information. After talking with her I found out her son had been in the Army and was killed in Action in Iraq four years ago. She told me she was out there to both support the veterans as well as honor her son. Over 13 years here I've dealt with plenty of people, but there are a few that I won't soon forget and Aurora Fernandez is one of them. I couldn't imagine losing a child like that and she was out there with her family honoring him, it was touching.

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