Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Basketball season... it's not sucking as much as usual...

It's normally at this point in the season that I'm starting to despise basketball season, but this year is different. Normally I'm still waiting on shooting a game I'm not totally disgusted with, however, this year, I'm finding myself liking a lot more of my shots. I think some of this could do with me not shooting as much of the city schools and more of the area teams, who play better basketball. But even with the local colleges I'm liking my shots more. It may have something to do with trying to make sure I don't shoot the whole game from the baselines and I'm getting up high to shoot. I shot these games Friday (the high school game) and Saturday (the college game) and I was pretty happy with both games. In fact, the high school game I had a news assignment that needed to be shot only 30 mins after the game started so I had to leave after the first quarter. Now, had this been a bad game like some of the stinkers I get shooting Abilene High or Cooper I'd be all for it, but this was a good game and I was liking what I was getting. Well, I guess it's good I got something good early since I had to leave so quick.




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