Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Food...

I've always enjoyed shooting food illustrations. Partially because I love to eat and it's also pretty fun. When I first started at the paper we had a regular food writer and I was shooting these all the time. That stopped not too long into my tenure here and it became an occasional story on the Life page. So, when these come up, especially when it's good food and not some story on vegan sprouts and nutritious dirt, I'm all for shooting it. This was for a story we were doing about food for your Super Bowl party. Our reporter cam up with the idea and her and a friend made the food. The best thing about a staff member making the food is I get to taste test it. Because of ethical reasons we are not allowed to accept free gifts from people we are covering. However, when it is someone working for the paper I have no problem sampling the cuisine. The idea was to do food for the two teams in the game. The Saints part was easy, Cajun fried shrimp. For the Colts, the reporter searched high and low for what food Indianapolis was known for and found that the corn dog is one of the most popular foods in the state. And yes, the food was awesome!

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