Sunday, February 7, 2010

This was SUPPOSED to be a blowout...

There's no question Abilene is not a basketball town. Between the three universities and three high schools, none of the 12 teams are all that great. The ACU mens' team had shades of brilliance a couple years ago, but now they are back to mediocrity. This year's team is no different. However, the game against Midwestern State the team played as good as they have in a long time. Midwestern was coming into the game nationally ranked and with only one loss. ACU came into the game looking for an upset. They led pretty much the whole game, to the point where I was ready to leave early when they were up by nine with about three minutes left. I decided to stay so I would have the final score. MSU, being the team they are came back and even pulled ahead with just a few seconds remaining. Then with only a little over 2 seconds left ACU hit a three to go ahead.
One of the things I hate about basketball more than any other sport is the last minute can last forever!! This one literally lasted at least 15 minutes! After the last three shots the referees went to the video to check how much time was left. Now, I'm all for getting things right, but for God's sake, it shouldn't take five minutes after every basket to figure out how much time is left on the clock! After ACU hit its three MSU threw the ball down court and called a quick timeout, which the refs had to review. Then, they threw the ball in took a shot and got a tip in to win the game. It was incredibly exciting, and of course, it had to be reviewed, I guess the refs just weren't ready to leave. Finally, after another excruciatingly long wait MSU was awarded the basket. Luckily, the players celebrated knowing they had won the game after the shot was made. I was able to get a nice frame of the player being mobbed by teammates. And, then it was finally validated by the officials... way after the celebration was over.



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