Wednesday, February 3, 2010

World of Wheels...

The World of Wheels is an event I shoot nearly every year. So, trying to find something new gets rather tough. I know I could probably shoot a similar photo from it every year and I doubt anyone would notice, the problem is, I would. So, it becomes sort of a challenge to shoot something a little different every year. This year we were looking for a full slideshow from the event. It was really easy to shoot a bunch of detail photos of the cars and people looking at them, as well as some photos of former University of Texas wide receiver Jordan Shipley signing autographs (we had another story about that), as well the the hundreds of people waiting in line to meet him and I was done. However, for the photo for the paper I wanted to find something decent. I walked around the place a couple times people watching and gawking at the sweet rides on display. After a couple laps around the civic center I decided to go upstairs and make a few frames from up high. I waited around until there was a big group around the cars and had my shot.

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