Saturday, January 15, 2011

Judging With Their Boots...

I had a couple of assignments that were slated for the local section front that fell through. Then the third assignment I had wasn't happening until the next day. And, while having my assignment load drop from five to two may make the day sound easier, it actually makes it a lot more difficult. I still need to fill a section front with a photo. And, it can't be some crap grip-n-grin stuff, I still have to put my name on it. Luckily, almost the whole month of January, the Abilene Spectacular Cutting Show is going on at the Taylor County Expo Center. So I went out there seeing wha I could find, these usually make for some of the better shots anyway, since I can just hang out and shoot what I want. So, when I got there I saw all the judges just sitting there and their cowboy boots all sticking out of their stalls. Sweet! I knew I had my shot, I spent about 15 minutes just shooting tight on the boots sticking out until I had a shot I was happy with.

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