Saturday, February 26, 2011

Getting a Kick Outta Soccer...

After having followed Hardin-Simmons team through the NCAA tournament to the school's first-ever team national championship, I was kind of looking forward to shooting a little more soccer this year. But, other than a scrimmage game and another half-game I shot in January I hadn't gotten too much until now. But, with the crosstown game coming up I had two games back-to-back. Well, I quickly realized what I didn't like about high school soccer, especially when the two local teams are having a down year!
The game was really slow, and all through regulation there was no scoring. Ugh, I hate games like this. However, the good thing about no score, or just any tie in general, is that the games go to a shootout, and since this was the crosstown game, it would mean there would be no shortage of emotion after one of the teams pulled out the win.
For the boys game, I had other assignments that needed to be done, so I wasn't going to be able to stay the whole game. Luckily, less than a minute into the game Abilene High made a quick score and there was a lot more action in the game, or at least a lot more contact on the side of the field that I was. So, missing the end of the game wasn't as bad as it would have been to miss the girls game, plus the boys didn't go to a shootout either.




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