Sunday, February 13, 2011

Play Time...

It's not often that really "easy" yet visually interesting stories come around. And, while the local high school musicals happen every year and we end up giving them a lot of coverage anyway, it still often makes for some interesting photos and gives a nice look at the kids that don't often stand out. Now, with as much sports as I shoot I'll be the first to admit high school sports probably gets an unfair amount of coverage as opposed to what else happens at the local schools. So, shooting something like this gives a fresh look at things and a spotlight on the other talents the schools have to offer.
It's also one of those things that welcome the coverage. When I shot it I planned on doing just one photo column combining the the two musicals in one story and on the same page. However, after finishing shooting the two I had plenty of photos, so I decided split it in two and give both groups their own page. That way no one would feel slighted if one group of photos played larger than another.






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