Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stock Show...

Last weekend was the Taylor County Stock Show, which always finishes up with the Premium Auction for the winners. The difference between this auction and the ones you see at the big stock shows, is the animals are not actually sold. I know, weird. However, after hearing the explanation it does make sense. Since the Taylor County stock show is more of a stepping stone event rather than one of the "biggies," (I'm told Ft. Worth, San Antonio and Houston are the big ones) there wouldn't be much reason to enter. So, the "auction" is more of a fund raiser with the money donated by local businesses and people given to the kids to pay for travel/feed /etc. The other thing about this that's a little unusual is the time it takes. It really usually goes pretty quick. So, I didn't have a whole lot of time to find a nice shot. Luckily, some of the animals were feeling kinda ornery. Then you couple an eight year old girl who looks like she ways less than 100lbs with a steer weighing around 1,000, and it's not terribly hard to find a nice shot.

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