Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snow Day(s)...

It's kind of ironic I'm sitting on my couch in shorts and a t-shirt with the windows open and a fan on writing this. I guess that just shows how far behind I am on posting to my blog. I've said it plenty of times, I HATE snow. Luckily, usually when it snows in Abilene it's an inch, maybe two, and it's gone the next day. Well, this recent snowstorm we got it seemed like it would never go away. And, unlike when it snows up north and a couple hours later the plows get out and by the afternoon it's gone. Here, it cripples the city and Outside of the one or two plows operated by the Texas DOT, the only thing to get rid of the ice on the roads is the sun. So, when the sun stays away for three days and the temperatures don't go above the low 20's I get to spend the majority of my time shooting weather photos.
On Monday night it started out raining... by about 2am it was snowing, hard. By the time I woke up the next morning there was 5-6 inches of snow on the ground and all the rain from the night before was a solid sheet of ice on all the roads. For a three day period I was not able to even get my car out of the driveway. Luckily my lovely wife allowed me to chauffeur her around in her 4-wheel drive Jeep.
So, my days pretty much every one of those days consisted of diving around chasing snow plows, creeping around the city behind people that shouldn't be driving car that they didn't know how to drive on ice and were ill equipped for driving, and looking for people having fun and generally acting foolish. Luckily by Friday, the sun came out and the sun began thawing out the roads, and by Saturday there were no problems. Overall, I was happy with what I got, but I'm glad it's gone and I've got shorts on now!





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