Monday, February 14, 2011

Pinstriping Perfection...

I've done stories on Steve Cox before and he's an amazingly talented guy. He hand pinstripes cars and the work he does is nothing short of amazing. So, when I heard we were doing a story featuring him for our coverage of the World of Wheels it was both good and bad. It was cool, because I knew the work that he'd be doing would look really cool, but I also needed to get something different than what I have done in the past. Then I found out they needed me to shoot his pix and get them and then go shoot a basketball game 40 miles out of town. Luckily, he had one car to work on, a junior dragster. After he got set up, I only had about 15 minutes to shoot, but it turned out well, he got quite a bit of the design done.
One of the (very few) good things about being crunched for time is, I usually end up leaving without a lot of shots, which means less photos to edit and less time to get done to move on to the next assignment. Sadly, this is quickly becoming more the norm than the exception across the newspaper/photojournalism industry with the cutting staffs. I guess the only thing left to do is make due with what you get.


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