Monday, January 23, 2012

REHAB 2012...

One of the events I seem to end up shooting every year is the Rehab telethon. So, after 10+ tries finding something different isn't always the easiest thing in the world to do. The West Texas Rehabilitation Center's annual telethon is a really big deal and it brings in some pretty big stars and decent music acts every year. Last year was pretty cool, we ended up doing a behind the scenes look at the show and ended up getting to go hang out and shoot in the control truck. It was a lot of fun especially to see how the organized chaos happens and turns into a really well-done production. This year, we were doing another behind the scenes look, only from a little different perspective. So, six hours before the event even started I ended up showing up and shooting photos of local singer Twyla Foreman rehearsing with the orchestra. As usual all the folks who run the event were really cool and happy to have us there and pretty much gave me run of the place to go around and shoot. So, I figured since there were no cameras running I'd go out and shoot where I never had during the live show, on the stage. It was pretty cool, and I ended up with a nice shot that I liked and wouldn't get during the show for two reasons. Obviously I can't go out on stage during the live production, and since the lights weren't all in synch yet, I wasn't going to get the nice silhouette like I did. Hopefully next year will work out as well.

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