Monday, April 23, 2012

New Carpet...

It's no question Texas loves its football. and to make the best of their football, along with the ever-growing worry about water usage, many of the area football stadiums are install turf fields. About 10 years ago the Abilene school district installed FieldTurf to its stadium. Well, after hundreds of football and soccer games of the years the turf has become worn out. So, they ripped it up and put down the newest technology in turf. The price tag on this project is $400,000. If memory serves me right that's less than a quarter of what was paid for the original turf. A lot more had to be done back then, like re-leveling the ground, adding a drainage system etc. This time all they were doing was replacing the turf, a much smaller, cheaper and shorter process.
The project had officially started about two weeks ago. So, when I got out there I wasn't expecting to see as much done as they had gotten. The whole football field was laid out and they workers were busy placing the letters for the Cooper side of the end zone, and others were cutting out portions of the turf to put the numbers down on the field. The process was pretty cool to see, I had always wondered how the numbers were put on the field. I thought they may have been part of the turf and rolled out, but actually the workers use giant stencils and literally shave the green turf off and place the white cutouts in and glue them down with a hot tar, and they did the same thing with the letters in the end zones.

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