Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Working on my Day Off, Game 2...

The second game I was shooting was after Cooper's game. It was nice that I had time to edit and send my photos from game one and take my time getting them sent, then have a little time to relax before the next game. I was told the game between Midland High and Arlington Martin was going to be a dogfight, and boy was it. The first half was kind of uneventful, both teams were playing good defense but the intensity level just wasn't as high as I was expecting.
In the second half things changed a lot. Especially as the clock was winding down. Both teams had chances for goals, Martin had one that hit the top crossbar and went straight down before Midland could clear it away, but no goal was scored. After the full 80 minutes there was no score and we were going to overtime. During the first overtime, there was again no score. In the final overtime, I was hoping for one team to score, I didn't have time for a shootout, plus that's never a great way for a team to win the game, it's better decided on the field. Well, with about three minutes left Midland finally got the ball down the field with a player going one on one with the keeper. Martin's keeper got a hand on the ball but couldn't hold on to it and the Midland forward was able to just tap the ball in the goal. After that Martin really turned up the pressure but Midland was able to keep clearing the ball down the field and kill the clock. For a game that had no scoring for the first 97 minutes it turned out to be a really nice game.

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