Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Working on my Day Off, Game 1...

Mondays are usually my day off, but when I get a call to do freelance work, I'm always happy to take it. So last week when I got a call from a friend in Midland to shoot a playoff soccer game in Abilene I was happy to do so. Then later in the week, I got another call to shoot a second game, nice. So, in game 1 was Midland Lee playing Arlington Sam Houston. I hadn't really shot a whole lot of soccer this year and I think this was only the second boys game I'd shot this year.
So, for most of the first half I was just trying to get my timing down. I made a couple of decent shots but missed a few too. In the second half I went and shot from my familiar spot in the stands. I really enjoy shooting soccer much, much more from up high. The backgrounds are so much cleaner and I just get a better view of the action from up there. And the higher vantage point helped out I got a few more shots that I liked, including one of a guy getting the ball kicked into his head. Lee ended up losing the game 2-0 despite keeping it close before allowing a late goal. Game 1 down, now it was time to go to the press box to send and wait for the next one to start.



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