Friday, May 25, 2012

Gone Fishin... For Features...

It never seems to fail, on the days that we're short on photos, one of the events that we are expecting to be the centerpiece photos ends up falling through and I'm left scrambling to find something to replace it. The worst part, this time it happened at 6pm. So not only am I scrambling to find a main photo for the local page, but I'm also working against the clock to do it. The only good part about this is the sun doesn't go down now until after 8pm. I spent about an hour looking in a lot of the regular spots for something... anything that may work. Nothing. One of the parks I saw some people sitting on one of the bridges, I had thought they were fishing from the bridge over the water. Well, when I ended up getting out there they weren't fishing and there was nothing that would make a photo. So, I was moving along. At that point it was getting really tight on time. I ended up heading out to Kirby Lake, I guess thinking about seeing a fishing shot got my head set on finding a fishing photo and it had been a while since we had run a fishing photo anyway. Well, I got to Kirby and saw a few high school kids fishing. I ended up hanging out with them for a little bit and made the shot of the kid in the cowboy hat first, thinking that was my shot, I like the hat with the socks and shorts, I just found it kind of funny. Then I ended up getting the shot of the kid throwing the net in the water while his buddy was trying to untangle his line and the sun setting at the same time. I decided I liked all the layers from that a lot more and the hat shot ended up just running here.

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