Sunday, May 6, 2012

Regional Track, the Long Day...

Last week was the regional track meet. It's a fun event to cover, but an incredibly long day. On Friday is both the 3A and 5A preliminary races. Which means that there are three races for both the boys and girls in both classes. And, since the 3A district that we cover is all local teams, that pretty much mean during the 3A meet, I'm covering nearly every race (some races have more than one runner from the same district). So, like I said, it's an incredibly long day on Friday. We left Abilene at 8am and got done around 11pm. 0428_ABSP_RegionalTrack1
One thing about shooting many of the same races over and over is it starts to get rather redundant. With that usually starts to make for some boredom. Especially given the lack of emotions in these races. Most of the winner expect to be the winners, plus the winners still have to race another race the next day. So, other than just the norm I tried a few extra things. One thing I will say, is the officials at this meet are really cool to work with and give you plenty of leeway to work. I'm guessing part of it is because there aren't a whole lot of photographers to corral like there are at the state meet. So, setting up remotes wasn't a problem at all to do... other than the occasional explaining how the camera worked. I ended up making a few nice frames with the remote, but since the running events were all prelims, I ended up using a shot from the long jump instead, since like I said earlier, winning the running event only got you better position on the track the following day.






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