Sunday, September 30, 2012

Best Catch of the Year...

I finally got to see Wylie play last week during their trip to Brownwood to play a game that, at the beginning of the year, looked like it would be a really good one. However, things have been pretty tough for Brownwood up to this point. This Wylie team though, may be one of the better ones they've had in a while.
Wylie came out gunning on both sides of the ball. The offense took the ball down and scored quick then the defense showed why they may be the best one the Bulldogs have put on the field in a long time. Pressuring the quarterback and a lot of three-and-outs were working in their favor. They totally dominated the first half and it wasn't looking like the second half would be any different.
Now, when people have asked me who I wanted to win a game I've always said to ask me in the second half and I'll tell you who I want to win based on the photos that I get. So, when I got a really nice shot of an incredible one-handed catch (top) by one of the Brownwood receivers to finally get the Lions on the scoreboard, I don't think my feelings would've been hurt if they came back to win the game. But, I also knew that wasn't going to happen. The game was already out of hand. I'd rather have seen a closer game, they always make for better photos, but after that catch, I'm happy with what I got.






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