Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fighting for the Prize...

Over the years I've made some really good contacts who have been good about feeding me ideas for photo columns. One of them has been Geno, who has given me some really good boxing stories. So a few months ago when he told me about an MMA fighter he'd been working with, I jumped at the chance. I went and hung out with Brandon Farran a couple times watching him spar and preparing for an upcoming fight.
When I first met him I knew there was potential for good. Seeing the dreadlocks just put a smile on my face knowing I'd be able to work them into the photos somehow. The first time I went to shoot I was really pressed for time and only had about 40 minutes. I got a few shots of him working on his ground work practicing Jiu Jitsu, but I knew I'd need to go back. I went a second time but he wasn't fighting that night, b/c he had broken his nose the night before. But, it did give me time to get my interview done for the story. Then the third day probably made for some of the best photos. He was workign on his boxing, plus some cardio workouts. It worked out really well and was able to give me the variety I felt I was missing going into it. Plus it worked out well since I was able to run the story the week before his next fight.




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