Saturday, September 8, 2012

Friday Night Football

For the real opening night of Friday night football, Cooper was playing at home against Wichita Falls Rider. On paper it was looking like a good match up. Cooper a good 5A team and Rider the #8 team in Class 4A. After kind of a slow start both teams moved the ball really well and Cooper's special teams looked really good with a couple long kickoff returns including one for a touchdown. It was looking like a game that was going to come down to the last team with the ball. And, it almost was. Rider scored with about three minutes left and converted a 2-point conversion to go ahead. Cooper then scored with a minute left after another good kick return. Then on the final drive with time running out Rider got a little too desperate and turned the ball over on downs. For the first game of the year it didn't turn out too bad photo-wise. There was a few decent frames I made and a nice facemask shot.







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