Monday, September 17, 2012

Bonus Football...

I love Thursday night football games, it's sort of like getting a bonus game. It's even better when the game is in town and I don't have to drive all over the place to shoot the game. Cisco was playing Clyde in the first game of the Champions Classic. Clyde was putting in a new offense and Cisco went to the state title game last year and had a bunch of players coming back. So, on paper, it wasn't looking too good for Clyde.
In the first quarter things were looking pretty good for Clyde. Cisco was having a hard time holding on to the ball, plus the Clyde defense was looking pretty stout. Then towards the end of the first quarter Cisco broke a few big plays and then the wheels fell off for Clyde. In the second quarter it was all Cisco on both side of the ball and by halftime the game was pretty much over. Clyde ended up scoring a couple touchdowns late to make things look a little better, but the game was already decided by then.




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