Wednesday, December 16, 2009

By the skin of their teeth...

After spending the night in Arlington, Saturday was a trip south to Waco to cover Wylie to cover the Class 3A state semifinal football game against Lucas Lovejoy. The winner of this game would play in the Class 3A Division I state championship game the following week. This was Wylie's third straight trip to the state semifinals. The previous two years they lost, once being stopped on the three yard line losing by four, then last year they gave up a 2-point conversion to lose the game by 1. Well this year, I guess the third time's a charm. In what was probably the most exciting game of the year (I think I'd give this one the slight edge over the Brownwood/Graham game since this was a playoff game).
The game didn't start out all that great for Wylie, the defense was playing well, but the offense was making all kinds of mistakes, bad decisions, bad throws etc. But, the second half was a different story. One thing I've always noticed about Wylie is that they always seem to make great halftime adjustments, and this game was no different. Lovejoy went down the field and scored a touchdown with 2:24 to go. Then Wylie got the ball, down by three and made a great drive down the field scoring a touchdown with 8 seconds left on a really nice play. After this, I don't even pay attention to the field. The shot of the game is going to be reaction. Since the kid who caught the winning touchdown was playing defense I found the starting quarterback who threw the pass. My camera was pretty much trained on him for the kickoff and final play of the game. I have no idea how the game ended, the play didn't matter. But I go the reaction shot I was looking for of the players running on the field as time expired. I can read about the last play of the game in the game story.




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