Monday, December 28, 2009

Home for the Holidays...

Dec. 23 is the busiest single travel day of the year. It's also really close to Christmas and usually a pretty slow news day! So, my two choices were to either go hang out at a rest area or truck stop or shoot photos of cars zooming down the interstate or or hang out at the airport waiting for people to welcome family members home for Christmas. I chose this for two reasons, 1) it usually makes nice emotional photos of people welcoming family members they haven't seen in a while and 2) by simply reading the flight schedule (and the luck of the plane being on time) the whole thing can be done in about 15 minutes.
Usually when I shoot these stories, I keep an eye for the big families especially those with kids since they are usually the most excited to see grandma/grandpa etc. Well, I made a few decent shots when people were getting off the plane at the gate... the nice thing about the Abilene airport is there is only one airline and gate gate being used so everyone goes to the same place and then they pick up their luggage at the only luggage carousel. I decided to go down and try to get photos showing the large crowd of people waiting for their suitcases. That's when I noticed the two little girls grabbing their dad's suitcase, the one with her tongue out made the shot... 15 minutes and I was done.

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