Thursday, December 17, 2009

Football Excitement in December

With Wylie playing in the state championship game and Abilene High still alive in the playoffs, there is quite an air of excitement in the air. So, for a story we were doing about the excitement on the south side of town I spent a little while driving around before going to a pep rally being put on by the booster club. It really kind of amazed me there wasn't a whole lot in the way of signs showing support for the team. The it kind of hit me, there really aren't that many businesses in the Wylie district it's mostly just the school and a bunch of houses. The only think I could find were the purple and gold streamers on all of the road signs and a sign at a resaurant down the street from the school. "Football in December" has pretty much described Wylie football over the last ten years. To the point that they pull out this tattered old sign that they first made a while back.
So after shooting the sign I got to the school about 30 minutes before the actual pep rally started. When I got there I saw the cheerleaders running around decorating all of the players cars so I followed them around for a while and made a few shots of them painting windows. Then it was time for the pep rally. Now what I heard was they were going to bring out a car painted in Gilmer's (the team they were playing) colors. And, what I thought was that the players were going to be beating the cars. But, what actually happened was the team stood around and watched as a group of dads took sledge hammers and beat the snot out of the car. It was pretty funny and I was able to make a nice little spread of photos for the front page.

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