Friday, December 25, 2009

Driving all over the state, part 2...

The other half of my trip around the northern half of the state was going to Dallas to cover Wylie playing in the state championship game against Gilmer. Two years ago Wylie gave Gilmer everything they had in game they had a shot to win. This year's Wylie team was a lot better on both offense and defense than that team. However, the Gilmer team was a lot better "team" this time around than the uber-talented group of individuals on the 2007 team.
I wasn't sure if Wylie was going to win, but every time I expect them to lose, when they are out-manned or what they always seem to make me look bad. I think a lot of that has to do with really good coaching and discipline. So, I figured this time they were going to keep it close and maybe in the perfect storm they could win it. Well, they ran into a brick wall. I think it was a combination of Gilmer having great talent and being able to play as a team, something I've noticed in the past not a lot of east Texas teams do. But it was another great season for Wylie and making it to the state championship game is not really something to be ashamed of. And my total mileage, just for the weekend... just a tad over 750.





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